Atlas of Regional Divisions in Sweden, 1992

Maps for each county with Parishes 1992-01-01 and Localities (urban areas) 1990, and A-regions, and Name lists.

These map images were scanned from the printed book, GIF 150 dpi.  In 1985/1992 the maps were drawn by hand, not using GIS.
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      Stockholm   Uppsala   Södermanland   Östergötland   Jönköping   Kronoberg
      Kalmar   Gotland   Blekinge   Kristianstad   Malmöhus   Halland
      Göteborg-Bohus   Älvsborg   Skaraborg   Värmland   Örebro   Västmanlands
      Kopparberg   Gävleborg   Västernorrland   Jämtland   Västerbotten   Norrbotten 
  A-regions   A-region list   Municipality list 1992   Parish list 1992   Localities list 1990  

Copyright: Statistics Sweden and Lantmäteriet Kartcentrum (National Land Survey).
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Note: From year 2000 many parishes have been merged to larger parish units.

Scanning and web application made by: SCB, RM/MN, att. Bo Justusson
Updated: 2009-05-14.